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handmade recycled and plant fiber paper, hand marbled fabric and paper
Your source for exquisite handprinted fabrics and recycled handmade paper - all made in Nebraska - USA!

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About Us

Martha JohnsonAt plain paper our product is handmade-by us-that element is important to us. We take the time to produce every piece with anticipation, excitement, and care. So many variables take effect in the end, and a slight variation in one piece of paper or fabric can be intriguing and very beautiful. These surprises are part of the reason we enjoy creating our work. Hi, I'm Martha, to the right there, and that's Eron, below, with the adorable little guys and their pumpkins.

plain paper began in 1998, as a part of Mid-Life Celebration, Ltd. and is based in the heart of the Great Plains, Lincoln NE. Wanting very much to be our own boss and work from home, this mother/daughter operation has evolved from a dream into a reality thanks in part to the Internet. After several experiments with new kinds of plant paper such as 100% whole wheat paper, and after sending nearly 1000 marbled t-shirts to buyers in Japan, Eron moved to Oregon and continues with marbling and paper crafts there while the papermaking, designer clothing, and photography remains in Nebraska.

Eron and the boysThe main ingredient in our paper is recycled office paper or plant fiber. We include junk mail, backyard plants, and sewing scraps, and more as inclusions, and we won't stop there. In the samples to the left, you'll see inclusions of coffee grounds, aluminum scraps, grass clippings, and poppy seeds. There is always something else we can add to make it unique and beautiful. Oh, and we do make some without inclusions, too, such as light gray pure recycled paper, or darker brown recycled paper grocery bags. We 'upcycle' junk mail and packing from packages we receive into lovely handmade sheets of paper. We like to make trash into treasure!

The marbling is done on all sorts of items, from baby onsies, t-shirts of all sizes, silk scarves, fabric lengths, and designer fashions. We marble paper to create stationery, books, and notecards using western tank marbling to create these beautiful designs on paper and fabric. We are currently researching more environmentally friendly ways of applying color to fabric so we'll keep you posted on our progress.

We thank you so much for taking the time to find out who we are and what we are about. Please browse the site, you might find something you like. If you have any questions at all, please e-mail us at paper@mlcltd.com

Martha Johnson
3158 XL Spur
Grand Junction, CO 81503

Eron King
19204 Fish Creek Road

Blachly, OR

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Please remember our products are handmade in the USA, from natural and/or recycled materials
-- each one is unique!

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