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handmade recycled and plant fiber paper, hand marbled fabric and paper
Your source for exquisite handprinted fabrics and recycled handmade paper - all made in Nebraska - USA!

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recycled paper with backyard trimmings, daylily stems inside with vellumHandmade recycled backyard garden paper with pressed flower arrangement, wildflower seed paper inside with attached vellum writing surface, with translucent white vellum envelope. Planting instructions included.

single card: $8 Buy Now!

set of four cards: $30 Buy Now!


recycled paper with rose petals and greenery, pressed rosebud arrangement, daylily stem paper inside with vellum for your messageHandmade recycled and rose petal paper with pressed rosebud and greenery arrangement on the front, daylily stem plant paper inside, with vellum writing surface. Translucent white vellum envelope.

Single card: $10 Buy Now!

set of four cards: $35 Buy Now!


recycled paper with sewing scraps and button arrangementSewing Scraps paper with button arrangement on front, coordinating color paper with vellum writing surface, translucent vellum envelope included.

Single card: $8 Buy Now!

set of four cards: $30 Buy Now!


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Please remember our products are handmade in the USA, from natural and/or recycled materials
-- each one is unique!

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