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Using a 4 foot x 8 foot x 6 inch tank, we can create prints on two or three dimensional objects, up to 45 x 90 x 4 inches.

Dropping Floating color on marbling bathThe marbling process -- essentially a mono-print process with a liquid plate -- begins with floating color on the marbling bath. The colors may be watercolor, acrylic, even oil, and the marbling bath is different for each. From seaweed to wallpaper paste - I've even heard of some creative souls using shaving cream! Getting the color to spread and float, yet stay put when the pattern is combed can be a real challenge - temperature, humidity, mixture of color, thickness of the bath, age of the bath, are several of the factors that can make - or break - a marbling session.

combing and swirling colorsOnce all ingredients are working together, intricate or freeflowing designs can be attained. Some tools used for pattern-making include combs (closely spaced teeth), rakes (large space between teeth), and picks (single pointed stylus).

laying the paper on the combed designWhen a design, or pattern, is attained, the item being printed is carefully placed upon the combed surface. Three-dimensional items can be printed, as the liquid 'printing plate' of the marbling bath, wraps itself around whatever is pressed into it.

skimming the tankThe combed pattern can be used only once, as the action of printing distorts any remaining paint. The bath is then skimmed, to remove remaining paint, and the whole process is repeated for the next item, or print.

marbled fabric

Please remember our products are handmade in the USA, from natural and/or recycled materials
-- each one is unique!

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