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marbled paper

marbled sample twoThis unique form of surface design was originally practiced centuries ago. For a time it was only used for official documents as it made forgeries nearly impossible. This kept the technique secret and available only to the ruling class. Now it has been discovered again and is a unique form of expression. Using a 4 foot x 8 foot tank to hold our marbling bath, and acrylic paints for color, we create beautiful designs for your paper, clothing, and home decor.

We offer color families or monochromes as the way to select your paper. Monochromes consist of varying intensities of one color. Color families have four to six coordinated colors, plus a contrasting color.

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Unless otherwise specified, all marbling will be on neutral recycled paper.

6 x 9 sheet marbled paper

Color family:

Price: $4.00

12 x 16 sheet marbled paper

Color family:

Price: $12.00


Please remember our products are handmade in the USA, from natural and/or recycled materials
-- each one is unique!

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